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Restaurant Chain Digital Menu Boards Case Study
New Jersey

Company Overview

Industry: Restaurant

Company: A fast-casual restaurant chain located in the United States.

Number of Locations:  710+ Locations

Client Time Frame

Service: March, 2018—Present

Projects: September 2018—Present

Technology: Structured Cabling, Digital Menus, Signage Display, Service Installation

Work Types: New Stores, Maintenance, Remodels

Business Challenge

  • Relocate data cabling for TV technology according to site specifications.

  • Work with equipment manufacturer to problem solve

  • Upgrade and install new network Digital Signage Devices

  • Maintain, repair and install Digital Menu Boards  equipment

  • Maintain, repair and install new technology equipment


  • Provide high quality technology solutions for an enjoyable food ordering experience

  • Implement access to needed applications to deliver and manage network bandwidth for rapidly growing restaurants

  • Enhance daily operations within existing systems

  • Implement new technology services and solutions to integrate future technology and leverage multi-channel communications

Project Management

  • Define, create and provide an expansive SOW for every service and project request

  • Multiple DMS certified Service Technicians

  • Maintain system functionality through scheduled and preventative maintenance; annual inspections, assessments and tests

  • Our leading field service and project           management software, Advanced Real-time Digital Menu Console provides our client:

  • 24/7 project Digital Signage management: real-time status, timely deliverables, design and invoicing

  • Real-time email notifications & updates: request received, technician scheduled, technician on-site, technician is off-site, closure report

  • Assess, manage, schedule and submit digital menu updates project, service tickets 24/7/365

  • Scheduling and notes

  • Custom reports and business intelligence

  • Technician quality control: rate DMS technical support staff and technicians, tech approval notifications and tools list

Ultra Simple Version
App License & Custom MenuDesign
Compatible with FireTV Just
Download the App to display
your Menu for only one Time
Fee of $99.99
Per TV
Gold Star Version
Let DMS Team take care of your digital menu. Just wait until we get it done.
once you receive it plug & play your menu in seconds for just 
 per TV $249.99


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